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First Mail Post

Capping off a day of WordPress breakthroughs on my new site, it’s only fitting that I do my first post by email. Appendages crossed (ow).

Today’s big achievement, however, was finding a free rss to WP post plugin that actually worked. Third try was the charm, and now viewers can check out everything.

I’m reading day to day in the permanent running archive I’ve created on my Readings page.

Tedious work, but fun to be building my own site on a contemporary CRM platform.

More soon…

Welcome to my new website…

Well isn’t this fun?


I’ve got my very own website… hosted in sunny, brisk, and relatively distant Iceland. Known for hotdogs and freedoms.


My plan is to use this new platform to experiment with communication tech, post my ongoing work (hence the URL), and probably blog a bit.


We shall see what is to be seen.